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Mental Health Counseling and Wellness Services 

Office Location

1161 Main Street

2nd Floor (entrance in back) 

Holden, MA 01520





Pathways to Wellness Associates, LLC offers the highest quality of mental health counseling grounded in evidence based practice and wellness services enriched in complementary and alternative medicine practices.


We strive to take a whole mind and body approach to mental health. 

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The Practitioners

Laura Barbieri, LMHC

Lindsey Nogueira-Mayo, LCSW, LADC I

Lindsey Carreiro, LCSW

Meghan Foucher, LICSW

Courtney Neustadt, LICSW

 Ashley "Ash" Kleamenakis, LMHC

Jennifer Lynch, LMHC

Melinda Hillock, LICSW

Kelley Hendricken, LICSW

Mindy Lawrence, LMHC

Alma Millona, LMHC

Mary Ritchie,LICSW

Norah Lasorsa, LCSW

I have been seeing Kellie at Pathways since December 2016.  I was in a space that felt miles deep with sadness, anxiety, anger and despair.  Finding the strength to dig my way out did not even seem possible.  I found Kellie at Pathways through an internet search for therapists in the Worcester area.  I read her bio and felt that her approach would be a good fit for my style and that we might be able to work together.  I was completely right.  Therapy is a true partnership between the person seeking help and the therapist who can see beyond the tears, the sadness, the panic, the anger, the anxiety.  I cannot even begin to describe how comforting it is to know there is someone who will listen, truly listen, to what I am saying and even hear what I cannot say.  Someone who will teach patience, acceptance, courage and self-compassion without ever really telling you they’re doing it.  That’s what I find at Pathways with Kellie.  I am completely grateful for her support.


I highly recommend Pathways to Wellness Associates, LLC. I never knew real sadness and despair until the last couple of years. I hit some really low points over those 2 years. I have been working through these issues with Amy and now I see a path of hope and healing in front of me. Amy has created an environment of understanding in a format without judgement that not only allows me to talk about anything with her; it makes me look forward to discussing my issues with her. She always has valuable feedback that I can use in dealing with issues as I move forward. Just knowing she is there if I need her when things get really bad has a value for me that I cannot put into words. I know that I am not only doing better because of my work with Amy, I know am a better person because of it.


I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 10 years ago, and as part of my wellness plan, I have participated in monthly counseling sessions. I had the same therapist for about seven years until she relocated out of state with her family. In my search for a new therapist, someone recommended Shelley Ashton-Briggs at Pathways To Wellness. I was a little hesitant to “start over” with a new counselor, but after meeting Shelley, I knew that I had made the right choice. She made the transition seamless. Over the past three years, Shelley has helped me through job loss, disability struggles, financial problems, serious relationship issues, and debilitating depression. Her compassionate and thoughtful approach actually makes therapy something to look forward to. I would imagine that few people could claim that they have experienced a “do over” in their life. Shelley has and continues to be an invaluable advocate in my life’s journey. I highly recommend Shelley Ashton-Briggs and Pathways To Wellness.


I'm so grateful that I found Pathways To Wellness.  I found myself on a downward spiral, after the unexpected loss of my father, with the grieving and myself. Shelley has started me on a journey of finding myself again, while dealing with my loss. It's quite amazing to not only see the progress, but to feel it as well.


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